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November 2017

Daily Express comment contesting Sajid Javid blaming older generations for the housing crisis. More like a decade of ultra-low interest rates and uncontrolled migration…
Daily Express comment on transgender lobbying

Daily Express comment piece about how left-wingers get the First World War wrong…

Jeremy Corbyn questions government spending on commemorating the First World War.


October 2017

Daily Express comment feature backing Mogg’s criticism of Mark Carney.

Daily Express comment piece on EU and Theresa May’s visit having echoes of Cameron with begging bowl in 2016…
Explore David Cameron's time spent at Number 10

Feature in Daily Express about new edition of 'Empire of Crime' book
EVEN in the 19th century organised crime and drug trafficking were a major challenge to law and order in the British Empire – as a new book reveals.

Daily Express comment piece on Catalan crisis, showing how EU has destabilised the continent but that Catalan separatism is misguided… 
New edition of 'Empire of Crime' published in UK by Pen and Sword


September 2017

Daily Express comment on illiberal liberals and that Labour is the true Nasty Party…
Daily Express comment piece on EU negotiations...


August 2017

Daily Express comment feature on Barcelona Islamic terrorism...

Appeared on Nick Ferrari show on LBC and BBC Radio 5 talking about Jacob Rees-Mogg

Sunday Times interview 'Rees-Mogg, an English Trump but better at Latin'

Daily Express article backing Lord Lawson against Green critics…

Daily Express comment piece on dangerous cyclists


July 2017

Interviewed for TV Discovery Channel documentary on Luciano and Mafia in WW2

Daily Express piece commenting on US chlorine-washed chicken scare story.

Daily Express comment piece linking young people's debt with the rise of Corbyn....
MY 22-year-old daughter has left university with a £42,000 debt, faces decades of taxes to pay for an increasing elderly population and stands little chance of ever buying a home in London where she works. And she is one of the lucky ones: a bright graduate with a good job.


June 2017

Gave speech at dinner commemorating 35th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War at the Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth.

Daily Express comment on my reasons for Theresa May's failure....

Daily Express comment piece about Labour’s fantasy economic plans…
JEREMY CORBYN was in full sanctimonious claptrap mode in Wednesday’s TV debate, desperately trying to cover up for his botched radio interview over how much money his policies would cost.


May 2017

Daily Express report on my evening debating patriotism at the Oxford Union.
THIS week I had the honour of being invited by the Oxford Union to take part in a debate about patriotism.

Commenting on Corbyn's manifesto for Daily Express

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March 2017

In Conversation with Professor Ted Roosevelt Malloch at Freedom Festival in Bournemouth.

Daily Express comment on the Westminster attack, giving the Islamic context.
WE MAY live in an age of ever increasing terrorism but we still do not fail to be shocked by the details of each latest outrage.

Daily Express Comment piece, telling government to take their hands off our hard-earned money…
Most of us are willing to forgo luxuries so long as we can pass something on to our children. What we do not approve of is when that already taxed money is then ...


February 2017

Daily Express comment piece on Tony Blair 'rise up' speech--best advocate for Brexit!

BrexitCentral piece explaining FT smear of Dr Ted Malloch...
Dr Ted Malloch speaks exclusively to Tim Newark to respond to his critics Dr Ted Malloch, widely tipped to be President Trump’s candidate for US Ambassador to the EU, has become embroiled in extraordinary spat this last couple of weeks with that most europhile of organs, the Financial Times. And its most recent assault on …

Daily Express comment piece on Peter Navarro and Germany's euro racket...
Every time Greece, Portugal or Spain teeters on the edge of becoming a financial basket case, sending the euro plunging, German businessmen rub their hands. A cheap ...


January 2017

Daily Express comment piece on Trump’s defiant press conference, both good and bad….
Welcome to populism in the 21st century – both good and bad.

CityAM interview with Dr Ted Malloch as President Trump's man in Brussels
This week, Dr Ted Malloch faces an Apprentice-style grilling at Trump Towers in New York to see if he will be hired as Donald Trump’s US ambassador


December 2016

Daily Express comment piece defining populism and shifting away from Thatcherite free trade.
I used to be a free-market Thatcherite but the truth is, if any politician is going to meet the expectations of the forgotten voters who created the peaceful ...

Daily Express comment piece criticising the conceptual art that regularly wins the Turner Prize and coming up with some alternatives...
THIS week’s Turner Prize winner is a perfect metaphor for the fact that the liberal Left has run out of ideas.



November 2016

Exclusive interview with the man tipped to be Trump’s ambassador to UK.
Daily Express comment piece saying what Trump could deliver for UK and the rest of the world.

Quoted in newspaper review on BBC Radio 4 Today programme    (1hr 42.39 mins in)

Gave lecture on 'From Battlefield to Catwalk: How Camouflage became Fashionable' at University of Westminster.