Project News

March 2012

Feature review of 'Fighting Irish' in the Irish Independent—Ireland’s highest-selling broadsheet

“Encapsulates Ireland’s international military tradition [and] sheds light on forgotten history… It is this fighting spirit that is rightly celebrated in this book”—Irish Independent

'Fighting Irish' featured as Book of the Month on Galway Bay Fm Radio and in Galway Advertiser:

“Reading this fascinating book over the St Patrick’s Day festivities would be as good a way as any and better than most, to celebrate what it is to be Irish"

Review in Irish Times:

“During the 19th and early 20th centuries there were few major conflicts at which Irishmen were not present; and not infrequently, as in the Boer War, they were to be found on both sides. Newark’s method of navigating through this morass is to write short, pacy, chapters that draw heavily on first-hand accounts. This approach works well in providing colour and first-hand perspective…”

Also in UK:

Reviewed Falklands War book ‘Down South’ for Financial Times