Project News

December 2011

Five-star review of ‘Empire of Crime’ in City AM newspaper:

“Tim Newark’s fantastic book is dedicated to colonial policemen (like George Orwell) who ‘put their lives on the line, doing the right thing’. By the closing chapters, one realises just how true that is... Vast swathes of national and international history are dealt with masterfully here, and chapters are driven by chunks – not titbits, but real, meaty chunks – of important new material discovered by diligent, old-fashioned primary resource research. It’s history as it’s meant to be: clear, unpretentious, exciting, authoritative and enthusiastic. This is unquestionably one of my books of the year.”


November 2011

Gave seminar on ‘Mythology of Lucky Luciano’ at University College London for Italian studies students with Professor John Dickie.