Project News

May 2014

‘Protest Vote’ published, media coverage includes

Financial Times

Nick Cohen, the Spectator

As Tim Newark records in Protest Vote, his excellent and timely history of the decline of the old party system…”

Morning Star

The Freedom Association

“Tim is a natural storyteller, so this book is a great read,” Simon Richards, Chief Executive, TFA

TaxPayers’ Alliance

Countryside Alliance
Northern Echo

“CAN politics ever be exciting, thrilling? It can be and it is when it's written about with the verve and style of Tim Newark… Newark's pacey, racy gossip about political murky doings frequently made me chortle, and it also cleared up a few mysteries.”

Grimsby Telegraph

The Week


April 2014

Option extended for ‘Mafia Allies’ TV drama series project

Major Hollywood producers Parkes Macdonald on board

Meeting in LA with PM executives